Our Honorees

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 The Sprizza Family

Charlie and Jorgia Sprizza were born via emergency C-Section at MMC at just 24 weeks and 2 days in 2013.  Charlie weighed just 1lb 2 oz and Jorgia was just 1lb 5oz.  The NICU became thier home for four months.  The doctors and nurses that cared for the Sprizza babies became fmaily. Today the twins are growing and thriving, thanks to MMC.

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The Wagner Family

At 23 weeks, Zahava Wagner was born weighing barely a pound and no longer than the palm of a hand.  The devoted MMC NICU doctors, nurses, and therapists, were intergral not only to her recovery, but in pointing out encouringing signs, and their positivity empowered Zahava's family to have hope.  After 96 long days, Zahava was able to go home where she continues to develop and can only be described as a "miracle" by her family.