Fundraising Tips

The best way to reach your fundraising goal is to begin with a strategy.

  1. Ask.
    You never know if someone will donate unless you ask. It is proven that most charitable donations are made because someone was asked. Although it seems simple, it’s true.
  2. Start now.
    Get your fundraising done early. It’s never too soon to ask for a donation. Once you’ve met your goal, keep on asking.
  3. Tell your story with passion and enthusiasm.
    Remember why you are participating and why Clara Maass Medical Center is so important to you. The more excited you are, the more excited your donors will become. It’s infectious!
  4. Expand your audience.
    Include a wide circle of friends, relatives, business associates and people at your church, synagogue, school, etc. Ask both in person and via email. Before you know it, support for the cause will spread and spread.
  5. Know your facts.
    Educate yourself about Clara Maass Medical Center. The more you know and can relate about the cause, the more donations and awareness you create. For more information, contact us at 973-450-2277!
  6. Make your own contribution.
    Let others know you have contributed already.
  7. Ask for help.
    You don’t have to do this alone! Ask your family, friends, and teammates to get involved. Create pledge sheets with your information at the top, and ask others to collect on your behalf.
  8. State your personal fundraising goal.
    If potential donors know that you are trying to reach a particular goal, they may be more inclined to lend a hand to help you get there.
  9. Keep your donors informed.
    Update them regularly on your fundraising progress. Consider writing donors’ names on your event day t-shirt and let them know they are with you every step of the way. Remember to send "thank you" letters to each and every donor and to follow up after the event is completed. Expressing your gratitude for their generosity will help support future giving.
  10. Expand your fundraising methods.
    Conduct a raffle, have a fundraising party, launch an email campaign, mail letters, and solicit a corporate sponsorship. Maybe you have a special hobby or talent that you particularly enjoy? Baking cookies? Knitting? Babysitting? Turn these talents into fundraising opportunities!

Use Social Media

Social Media is an excellent fundraising tool that keeps us connected to family and friends while also providing access to a large network of potential supporters. Studies have shown that promoting your cause through social media can increase fundraising efforts up to 40%. It's an easy and effective way to spread awareness, increase interest and ask for donations. Below are a few tip and ideas on information you can include in your status posts. Don't forget to include the link to your fundraising page!

Helpful Hint: The best time to post on social media is 1:00pm-4:00pm during the week and 8:00am-8pm on weekends.

Requests for Donations: Many people are uncomfortable asking friends and family for money. Requesting donations through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter alleviates some of the pressure. You don't have to make every post an ask for a donation, but every post should reflect the fact that this is a fundraiser and include the link to your fundraising page. You'll be amazed by how many people are willing to support your cause, but you'll never know until you ASK!

THANK, THANK, THANK: When someone makes a donation to your team, thank them publicy on social media (unless of course they ask you not to). Showing your appreciation makes them feel good about donating and may inspire others to do the same.