2017 Big Steps for Little Feet

The Donatelli Duo

Our journey began in early 2013 when we learned that we were expecting twins.  We were incredibly eager to finally experience the joys of parenthood and amazed at how instantly we became smitten with these two babies from the very first ultrasound.  Similar to others stories that have been shared here by fellow NICU parents, our happy journey to parenthood hit a detour at week 24 (details are available at http://thedonatellitwins.tubmlr.com/).  After 8 turbulent weeks, Madison and Christopher made their grand appearance on October 10th.  However, our experience with the Neonatal team began long before the arrival of our twins.  They helped prepare us for the road ahead, sharing important milestones that our children would need to accomplish and also setting our expectations for obstacles that may extend their stay.  So when that day arrived, we had a great deal of comfort in the medical team and the environment that would help our children on their path to a safe arrival home.

We spent the next 40 days at MMC NICU.  During such an emotional roller coaster, we were in absolute awe of the professionals that cared for our children.  Both the doctors and nurses empowered us with information and allowed us to actively contribute to caring for our children.  They helped us understand and celebrate small victories, which we found to be critical to staying grounded.  They even taught us how to care for our tiny babies when we thought our large fingers were too big to change that tiny diaper. 

Almost four years later, we consider ourselves quite lucky to have two happy, healthy preschoolers that fill our lives with so much joy.  We think back to those days at MMC NICU with deep appreciation for the expertise, both medically and emotionally, of the entire unit.  We are eager to participate in the “Big Steps for Little Feet” this year to help drive awareness and further support their efforts to give babies their best fighting chance to thrive, while offering a comforting environment for families. 

We hope you can support the “Donatelli Duo” for this year's walk. Your commitment and generosity will help guarantee a strong future for all families receiving care at MMC NICU.  Please be encouraged to walk with us on September 17th or donate to our team by using the “DONATE NOW” button located in the blue box to the right.

We appreciate your support! 


Thank you,

The Donatelli Family


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