Miracle Walk 2017

On September 11,2015 Noah was born 2 pounds, 1.9 ounces and 14 inches long
On September 11,2015 Noah was born 2 pounds, 1.9 ounces and 14 inches long

Team Noah McQ

Help Noah and me support Saint Barnabas Medical Center and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit by donating today!

As a mother, we grow this amazing tiny human inside of us that we can't wait to meet. We can't wait to finally hold our little bundle of joy. To finally see the beautiful baby we held inside of us and nurtured. We prepare everything for their big welcome, from the outfit they will come home in to what we want to happen in the delivery room. Unfortunately, for some mother's our body has something else in mind.

On September 9, 2015 I went for a routine 27 week checkup. It was at that appointment where my doctor felt as though something just was not right, she then sent me to the hospital to run some test to make sure my unborn baby boy and I were healthy. After running the same test twice the results were exactly the same. My platelets were extremely low causing health issues for my son and me. I was sent to Saint Barnabas Medical Center to deliver my baby.

At my arrival they explained to me what will occur and all the medical services my baby will receive in order to increase his chance of survival. The NICU Director came in, held my hand, and explained to me step by step what they will do to help my baby come home with me when the time was right for him. She made me feel that she cared for my child as if it was her own. On September 11, 2015 at 7:20am my beautiful baby boy, Noah, was born 2 pounds, 1.9 ounces and 14 inches long. His doctor came in my room and assured me he will do everything for my son. He explained everything they did for him from transfusions, steroids, and even the light to help his jaundice.

The Miracle Walk for Saint Barnabas Medical Center NICU is very important for Noah and I. Without them I know my son would not have made it. The doctors and nurses literally care and love my son as if he was their own. I would never forget when I was sitting in front of the incubator and all of a sudden his monitor started beeping and he just turned purple. One nurse held me and two other nurses did what they had to do in order to get him stabled again. I was beyond grateful because at that moment I thought Noah was not going to make it, but they pulled through for the both of us. I would never forget hearing her say, "Come on Noah you are a fighter baby!" and once he was settled she say, "Don’t ever scare mommy and I like that again baby." The nurses and doctors literally gave my child the chance of life I thought he would never have.

Joining and/or donating to the Miracle Walk would give Saint Barnabas Medical Center NICU the funds to help another mom and families bring home a little fighter. Help give a baby a chance to get healthy and stronger. Each member and donation is a gift of hope from you to the babies, families, NICU and Saint Barnabas Medical Center.

If you have any question please feel free to email me, Sasha, at burgossasha26@gmail.com. Thank you in advance!

About Saint Barnabas Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Miracles happen every day. Miracle Walk is a wonderful family fun-filled day, which raises funds in support of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Saint Barnabas Medical Center .
As a level III Regional Perinatal Center, the NICU offers the latest treatments and modalities in the field to provide the most advanced care for more than 1,100 premature and ill newborns each year. Our NICU has one of the best infant survival rates among neonatal intensive care units in the nation.

On behalf of the entire NICU family and the 1,100 babies we care for annually, I hope you can support me and my team for this year's walk. Your commitment and generosity help to guarantee a strong future for the NICU and Saint Barnabas Medical Center.


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Questions, please call Elizabeth Bennett at 973-322-4305 or email elizabeth.bennett@rwjbh.org.  To make a donation offline please mail checks to Saint Barnabas Medical Center; Development Department; 95 Old Short Hills Road, West Orange, NJ 07052 or call 973-322-4330 to make a donation over the phone.  Thank you. 


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